The screening

Screening is a mechanical action which consists of separating different-sized solids using a screen or a perforated sheet. It can be done in dry or wet way. Depending on the size of the elements to separate, different terms are used to qualify this technique:

CTP has screening and sieving equipment working in continuous way.



Operation type

 Capacity (1)

2 deck vibrating screens

1-100 mm

Dry and damp

100 kg/h to 2 t/h

Dewatering screens

0.25 -2 - 3 mm

Wet method

1-17 m³/h

Rotary screen

4-35 mm

Dry method

8 m³/h

3-deck vibrating sieves

90 µm to 5 mm

Dry and damp

50-800 kg/h

2-deck vibrating sieves

30 µm to 3 mm

Dry and damp

50 kg/h to 1 t/h

Bend screen

249 µm, 500 µm, 1 mm

Wet method

2-5 m³/h

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