The cryogenics grinding

Cryogenics grinding applies to deformable materials with an elastic or ductile behaviour such as plastics and polymers, metals and even organic compounds. It enables their micronization when other techniques (shredding, granulation) are limited.

It requires the cooling of materials under their glass transition temperature (often under -100°C), rendering them brittle and suitable for grinding using a compression or percussion/impact technique.

This is done by transiting materials in a chilled conveying screw using liquid nitrogen before the grinding.

CTP has a cryogenization facility with the following specifications:


CTP has a cryogenisation facility with the following specifications:

Principle – Thermal transfer channel by direct contact with liquid nitrogen

Useful length

3000 mm

Internal diameter

160 mm

Nitrogen injector

4 injectors

Nitrogen pressure

2 to 4 bar

Nitrogen consumption

~ 100 litres/h

Nitrogen tank

1000 litres

Feed particle size

< 25 mm

Feed rate

~ 200 kg/h

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