Is your company seeking to innovate and put in place expertise programmes? With its experts and its technological capabilities (laboratory and semi-industrial), CTP can support you throughout this process. We can set up a real partnership to carry out all your projects from preparation (writing the proposal, seeking funding and partners) right up to the realisation and suitable exploitation of results.

Collaborative expertise

CTP is a leader or key partner of various project portfolios, at European and regional level, including direct involvement or support from industrie. This collaborative expertise (pre-competitive) is carried out in response to the needs of a sector or a federation and covers a wide variety of subject areas.

Funding comes from European schemes (FP7, H2020, ERDF, Interreg, etc.).


Industrial expertise

CTP currently provides support for industry in expertise and development projects. These projects mainly use innovation assistance mechanisms set up by the Walloon Region (DGO6). There is, for example, assistance in terms of technical support geared towards SMEs, industrial expertise and experimental development accessible to both SMEs and major companies, the CWality programme in which a company and a expertise body can collaborate, as well as Marshall plan projects through Greenwin and Mecatech divisions.

Through its Research Tax Credit agreement, CTP can also work with French companies engaged in Research and Development activities.

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