Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is fuel mainly produced from waste that cannot be recycled or value-enhanced.

This generally relates to materials with significant calorific properties such as wood, paper, plastic, etc.

These RDFs are usually listed following economic criteria (PCI lower calorific value), technical criteria (particle size, brittleness, etc.) and environmental criteria (content in heavy metals, chlorine, etc.).

CTP has all the equipment necessary for characterization of these RDFs (bomb calorimeter, C, H, O, N, ICP analyser).

Either for energy or material use, it is often more practical to densify RDFs which are mixed waste in a more uniform shape (typically pellets) which is easier to measure out, handle, mix and store.

To do this, CTP has a pilot densification pressing unit (granulation) for the testing of the shaping for these RDFs.

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