Studies & tests

CTP offers the possibility of performing comprehensive studies or tests through its Studies and Tests service. This service uses our laboratories, testing facilities and multi-skilled scientific team, supported by our experts.

Our services are based around the development of complete flowsheets which are tested in the laboratory and at pilot scale thanks to the diversity of our equipment and its exceptional nature.

We are able to perform mineral enrichment studies along with processing, recycling, shaping and upscaling for many types of waste by using the most suitable mineral processing procedures for the product's needs, for the best possible economic viability of the project.

We combine our mineralogical skills with materials chemistry to develop new products from secondary materials. Our studies deliver results that are used by engineering firms, turnkey operators and equipment manufacturers to dimension future processing units, add to market studies and business models.

We provide access to innovation to Walloon SMEs seeking to test out new developments using subsidies (subsidy at 50%) managed by the Walloon region.

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