Mineral Processing

The activities of the  Mineral Processing are essentially focused on the development of processes or parts of processes on the basis of primary and secondary materials.

The aim is to determine the processing phases which will be the most efficient and the most cost-effective with the lowest environmental impact. The work covers tests of material fragmentation, the release of components or the shaping of products (pelletisation, granulation, etc.). Separation and concentration tests complete the preceding tests.

In keeping with the previous year, our work has principally focused on studies relative to secondary materials, and also to primary materials. The trend amongst industrialists is still for replacing the primary materials traditionally used in their production by alternative materials or by the recovery of constituents with high value added in their waste.

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However, the problems posed are increasingly challenging because of the complexity of the materials or the reduction in the content of the elements sought. Design for recycling’ initiatives and product recyclability studies are increasingly being submitted to us for this purpose.

A variety of contract work (crushing, grinding, classification, etc.) completes the range of services provided by the Mineral Processing division.