The optical or electronic microscopy study of mineral phases is an essential complement to chemical characterization for the treatment of solid matter. It allows the precise differentiation of phases of similar composition but whose properties and uses may differ or allow the visualization of the more or less complex organisation of these phases between them.

By way of example, and non-exhaustively, it thus enables the CTP to:

  • Determine the conditions for the formation of a geological deposit;
  • Assess the liberation mesh and thus optimize a grinding or a separation process;
  • Identify the nature of the mineral phases present and thus optimize the sorting processes according to the properties of these mineral phases;
  • Visualize the formation of new phases during the formulation of materials (concretes, geopolymers);
  • Determine the presence of impurities preventing valorisation pathways (aluminium metal being capable of causing swelling, for example) .

Different types of materials can be studied using micro sections, polished sections, powders or even objects:

  • Minerals: mineralogical,  petrographical studies;
  • Slags, clinker;
  • Construction materials;
  • Binders (cements, geopolymers)
  • Recycled materials (fibres, demolition waste, etc.)

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