Privacy policy

The CTP undertakes to treat your personal data transparently and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. You will find below the detail of the data we process and for what purposes:

  • The processing controller is the CTP company, and the Data Protection officer is Sébastien Legat, as Administrative & Financial Manager.
  • The CTP’s clients being professionals, the personal data potentially managed by the CTP is relatively limited:
    • First name and surname of the contact person
    • Email address of the contact person
    • Direct dial telephone number of the contact person
    • Mobile phone number or Skype account of the contact person.
  • This data is solely used in the context of the business relationship with the client, for the following purposes:
    • Transmission of business documents (quotation, order, delivery, invoice)
    • Communication for an ongoing business or technical file
    • Technical/commercial information to be transmitted to the client
    • Newsletter
    • Invitations to events
    • Communication of this information to sub-contractors/partners who must expressly intervene on a customer file.
  • The data is retained in our system with no specified end date. If the client wishes to exercise their right to amend or to be forgotten, they can do so via the link opposite If the personal data is intrinsically linked to an issued invoice, the CTP will retain their data for a period which will be in line with the legal Belgian accounting deadline in force on the date of the request.
  • The client will be able to request from the CTP at any moment an inventory of the  personal data via