About us

The CTP is a R&D Centre of Excellence in the service of business companies operating in the environmental and materials domain.

Within a circular economy rationale, we are pushing back the limits of the processing and recycling of solid matter, in particular minerals, industrial by-products and post-consumption waste, by inputting innovative and cost-effective solutions for the industrial world.

On the strength of over 25 years of expertise in the domain, the CTP offers a vast range of expert reports and assessments to companies which are exploring and developing natural mineral deposits, but also to companies which are transforming and recycling industrial and urban post-consumption waste (Urban Mining).

Its expertise covers not only the processing of these ‘deposits’,  but also and above all recycling towards the ‘materials’ avenue, with higher added value. New ‘secondary’ raw materials and/or new materials are thus created at the CTP on the basis of these by-products.

Drapeau CTP