A word from the management

The three key highlights which marked the year 2022 for the Centre were incontestably:

  • The adoption of a new logo, which symbolizes a return to the CTP’s roots, if only through the colours and the presence of two inverted triangles (mine and waste mountain) which featured on the Centre’s original logo. This logo also embodies the future of the CTP, the circularity of materials and more widely the circular economy being at the heart of industrial strategies and policies in Wallonia and in Europe!

The creation of an innovation platform in the domain of mineral circularity:  REMIND WALLONIA. More information at: remind-wallonia.be.

This platform brings together the 3 essential stakeholders of an ecosystem tied to innovation: the industrial sector (15), R&D (2 universities; 2 research centres) and the public sector.

Around 23 million Euros has been raised for projects (through the PNRR, the national recovery and resilience plan). The CTP is at the heart of these projects, with its related total budget exceeding 3.5 million Euros.

  • The CTP’s aggregate turnover, which for the first time exceeds 5,000 k€, which is an increase of 13% in comparison with 2021.

The ‘private sector’ turnover – support for enterprises – increases by 18%, of which two-thirds are produced with a clientele outside Belgium. It is an excellent performance for the Centre, whose image internationally is intensifying from year to year!

The ‘public sector’ turnover is also increasing (+5%) and is principally the outcome of increasingly numerous industrial partnerships – notably through the Greenwin competitive cluster.

Collective research – the development of new skills – amounts to 23% of overall activity. A good balance, indispensable to the development of new high-level scientific aptitudes within the Centre.

The 2022 financial report is remarkable. The Cashflow generated has beaten a record dating back over 10 years, with an increase of 60% in comparison with 2021, proof of excellent internal organisation.

The challenges for 2023 are numerous, beginning with our inclusion in the new 2021-2027 FEDER and INTERREG programmes. No less than 8 ambitious projects have been submitted. Let us hope that the results meet expectations!

Finally, a research Centre is nothing without its personnel, its skills and its devotion. The figures speak for themselves, and let me here thank and congratulate all of the CTP’s employees.

Read our 2022 activities report

Stéphane Neirynck, General Manager