Studies & Tests

The CTP offers the possibility of carrying out very complete studies or tests through its Studies & Tests service. This service is based on our laboratories, our test floors and our multidisciplinary science team, ably supported by our experts.

Our services take the form of developing complete treatment flowsheets which are tested in the laboratory or at pilot level thanks to the diversity of our teams and their outstanding character.

We are capable of carrying out mineral enrichment studies as well as of treating, recycling, shaping and valorising of numerous types of waste in using mineral processing procedures the most adapted to the specificities of the product submitted to us and to the economic viability of the project in the best way possible.

Our studies deliver results which are used by engineering offices, lead contractors, or equipment manufacturers in order to dimension their future treatment units, complete market studies or put the finishing touches to a business model.

We give access to innovation to Wallon SMEs who wish to test new developments thanks to technological cheques (subsidies up to 50 %) managed by the Chèques Entreprises and co-funded by the Walloon Region.