The CTP’s expertise is displayed through the principal procedures of ‘Mineral Processing’, of which it has expert knowledge, in other words:

La fragmentation
Les séparations
La métallurgie extractive de première transformation (hydro- et pyrométallurgie)

This expertise is completely by thorough-going knowledge of the chemistry of ‘materials’, which amounts to:

  • The stabilisation/encapsulation of pollutants in materials of mineral origin;
  • The study of the activation of materials (‘pozzolanic’ behaviour) by specific treatments (mechanochemistry);
  • The incorporation, after inerting, of waste known as ‘ultimate’ (RPIFHW, asbestos, slag, IBA, etc.) in materials for use in the construction industry (Buildings and Public Works, BPW).

From the beginning, the most cost-effective (value added on the LANSINK ladder) and technically feasible pathway will be privileged by the Centre’s teams of Researchers.

These processes are equally applied to primary materials and adapted to the unique specificities of industrial waste and co-products of every type.

The analytical and characterization laboratories, specialized in the mineral chemistry of primary resources (mineral deposits, quarries, etc.) or technological materials (plastics, composites, electronic waste, etc.), on the back of their long-established experience, provide a crucial plus-value in project development.

The combination of these skills enables the CTP to provide manufacturers with INTEGRATED solutions in the processing and recycling of industrial and post-consumption by-products.