Développement transfrontalier de matériaux innovants OU comment reDOnner de la valeur à Un déchet plastique?

Cross-border development of innovative materials or how to return value to a plastic waste material?

Despite the recognised strong expansion in recent years of 3D printing technologies, the cost of the semi-finished products used in this sector and manufactured using virgin plastic remains high. The DOUDOU project aims to study their replacement by materials sourced in recycling. In fact, the production of prototypes or of small series, which are the main applications of additive manufacturing, is compatible with the recycling of low-tonnage or widespread deposits for which there today exist no viable recycling facilities. This recycling with high value added would also enable an optimisation of its cost by reducing transport costs and encouraging local employment.

From a scientific and technical viewpoint, the inclusion of these recycled materials in the process of 3D printing nevertheless requires a major research effort to ensure their purity (separation of exogenous matter, impurities or various plastics) and adapt the rheology, the thermal properties and the morphology to the printing procedure being considered.