Capture and sequestration of industrial CO2 by carbonation of mineral waste

Mineral waste (demolition debris, the residues from the treatment of industrial fumes, etc.), which constitutes by far the largest mass of waste, is recycled very little at the present time and is instead placed in landfills. Unlike metals, the recycling of mineral waste is currently economically challenging, in particular owing to the low value of the by-products. The environmental impact and the cost of landfilling this waste are very high, above all when it is polluted (the legislative obligations relative to landfilling are in fact becoming increasingly strict).

The Mineral LOOP project aims to design, develop and operate, on a Carmeuse site, a pilot mineral waste/by-product transformation plant, with a capacity of 10,000 tons per year, through hydraulic setting and carbonation reactions at ambient pressure and temperature. This pilot will be fuelled by industrial CO2 from lime kilns.