Alternative circular binder made from slag and fly ash

At the present time, the principal challenge for Walloon cement manufacturers is to both remain competitive in the face of the competition of imported clinker and respect the commitments to the reductions of CO2 emissions.

In this context the  WASTES2CEM proposes two approaches:

  • The first is to minimise the environmental impact of clinker thanks to the incorporation of secondary mineral materials in the vintage;
  • The second consists of reducing the proportions of clinker in the cement via the addition of reactants from industrial by products.

The secondary mineral materials studied originate from historical deposits. First of all, the role of the CTP will consist of ensuring their compliance with the specifications demanded by cement manufacturers, in accordance with the application being considered. The CTP will moreover contribute to the carrying out of clinkerisation trials at laboratory and pilot level, as well as the characterisation of the new cements.