Innovative MAterials for WAllonia

This project portfolio aims to propose innovative solutions for the substitution and treatment of the primary materials required for the manufacture of refractory materials, on the one hand, and the recycling of waste from advanced ceramic materials on the other. The CTP is involved in two of this portfolio’s projects (MATSUB and ECOVAL).

MATSUB aims to study the use of alternative primary materials for the ceramics industry, in order to replace those which are imported and subject to price fluctuations or taxes and whose supply cannot always be guaranteed.

ECOVAL concerns the eco-design of sustainable energy recovery units. These units require the use of refractory materials (often based on silicon carbide SiC). Owing to the operating conditions inherent to the incineration process (high temperature, presence of chlorine emitted by incinerated plastic waste), these materials undergo alterations which lower their product lifetime and require regular maintenance, but the recycling of these materials is underdeveloped.