Manufacturing of non-combustible insulating materials and refractory materials through the valorisation of inert industrial waste, de-construction waste and other recycled resources.

The objective of the IRMA project is to develop new insulating, non-combustible and refractory products made from inert waste generated by the de-construction industry and sectors. The process which will be implemented is based on the patent licensed to the IPSIIS company. It permits the production of insulating and non-combustible foams on the basis of mineral materials.

The IPSIIS company is currently commercialising a product intended for the industrial furnaces and stills markets. This product is obtained from a natural primary material. The fact of substituting a part of it by waste and by-products will enable moving towards more competitive products in terms of cost. The IPSIIS foams could thereby discover other applications corresponding to much larger volumes including, in particular, insulation for buildings.

In this project, the CTP intervenes at the level of the pretreatment of secondary mineral materials so as to render them compatible with the process developed by IPSIIS. The provision of the materials is ensured by the partners REMIND and VINCI.

The materials processed are subsequently utilised by the IPSIIS partner for the development of formulations enabling the obtention of stable foams meeting the technical requirements depending on the planned applications.

The other partners intervene for the following aspects:

  • The characterisation of the foams and the development of implementation protocols (CSTC);
  • The evaluation of the quality of the products on the basis of life-cycle and  carbon footprint criteria (REMIND, ULiège-PEPs, UCLouvain, CSTC);
  • The placing on the market of the developed products (IPSIIS, VINCI).